OFW inireklamo kay Raffy Tyulfo ang boyfriend na ipinagpalit siya sa bading!

At one point in any relationship, you will be willing to give gifts and stuff even if your partner didn’t really ask for it. It is your way of showing and making them feel your love especially if you are in a long-distance relationship,

But one Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Dubai seek the help of veteran public service announcer Raffy Tulfo to be able to retrieve all the gifts and material stuff she gave to her boyfriend Erwin Nepomuceno who she said cheated on her and worse, had an affair with a gay guy.


According to Rosie Fler Javier, she was able to give Erwin expensive gifts from a roundtrip ticket to Zamboanga City, 18-carat gold necklace, luggage, iPhone down to other essentials like clothes, underwear, perfume, and cellphone load plus P60,000 cash.

She could not take that she wasted the hard earned money she worked for in Dubai to a guy who will just cheat on her in exchange for a gay guy.

Rosie narrated that she caught Erwin liking photos of a gay guy on social media and even saw messages of her boyfriend saying “I Love You” to the same gay guy.

When the program contacted the accused, he denied having an affair and explained that the sweet messages do not have any malice as he is normally sweet to his friends.

When Raffy Tulfo insisted for Erwin to pay even half of the amount of all the stuff Rosie gave him, Erwin agreed for the two of them to meet and talk in person but said he could not give any amount since he does not have a job at the moment.

Watch the turnout of events below:

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