Watch: Magulang na motorcycle dealer, hindi umubra kay Raffy Tulfo!

Another netizen is happy because of Mr. Raffy Tulfo. This is because of the effort was done by Mr. Tulfo in his complaint. Imagine, you will buy a brand new item but it was full of defects. Instead of replacing the item immediately the dealer tried to outsmart the poor consumer.

According to the complainant Warren Salonga, he bought his brand new Yamaha Mio motorcycle with the dealer Motor Ace.


Salonga said in the first month, he already noticed that there was a problem on the motorcycle. So he immediately went back to the dealer so that his motorcycle can be checked.

Unfortunately, the mechanic is incompetent so he was referred to Yamaha. This referral went on and on. Back and forth until Mr. Salonga decided to ask Mr. Tulfo for help.

Salonga said that he already win the case on the Department of Trade and Industry level but still this Motor Ace dealer cannot provide the replacement Motorcycle.

According to the Branch Manager of Motor Ace, they are still waiting for the approval of their main office about the case.

This reason did not sit out well with Mr. Tulfo as he threatens the Manager to give Salonga what he needs or else he will broadcast their lapses.

In the end, Motor Ace conceded and they gave Mr. Salonga his brand new Motorcycle.


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