WATCH: Suspect sa rape-slay case ng 8 taong gulang na bata sa Caloocan City, arestado at kinuyog ng mga residente!

Last March 19, 2018, parents of the students at Kasarinlan Elementary School at Caloocan City were baffled after a Grade 2 student was taken by a then-unknown suspect who encouraged the little girl to come with him.

According to reports, it was 8 in the morning when a man entered the school’s gate and went straight to the classroom to fetch the 8-year-old Yansie Charmaine Villegas and freely escaped the school premises.


After the incident was reported, security in the said school was tightened due to the outrage of parents.

Classmates of the victim who witnessed the incident said that the husband of Yansie’s aunt Venus Villegas was the one who took the victim.

The suspect was identified as Herbert Tagulao who according to the witnesses was outside their classroom and waved at Yansie that is why the little girl willingly joined him.

On the same day, barangay officials were able to arrest the suspect and confirmed that Herbert raped the poor little girl as he was caught naked when the officials arrested him.

Unfortunately, Yansie’s was already dead and wearing a different set of clothes when authorities recovered her body.

When the residents learned about Herbert’s arrest, they gathered outside the barangay office clamoring for justice for the death of the poor little girl.

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